No Negative Spring, No Negative Shaohua


"I want to give each class a handicraft lesson, but the time is limited. If I were given three days, I would spend one day teaching them origami, painting and music.
—— Mo Yunfang, Hualong Personnel Department

Perhaps every literary and artistic youth who yearned for poetry and the distance had a dream of supporting education.
Our story begins with Jinzhu Primary School...

With the drizzling rain, we embarked on the journey to Jinzhu. Nearly half of the two-hour journey is winding in the cloudy peaks. The narrow road and the slippery road make everyone's heart hang. It's more exciting than riding a roller coaster. How dangerous is it?

The headmaster of Jinzhu Primary School told a little story: a taxi stopped halfway up the hill, and the driver looked depressed. "Brother, I don't want the money for the taxi, so I'd better ask Gaoming for it!"

Four months later, from autumn leaves drifting to pear blossoms twining, with the expectations of children in mountainous areas, on the morning of March 27, Hualong's little friends came to Jinzhu Primary School again to give a lively manual origami lesson to the children in second grade.

Hope that children can use origami to feel natural things, exercise hands-on ability, enhance the perception of beauty.

Our class is scheduled for the last part of the morning. This lesson is to teach the second grade children to do handicraft - origami, three little sisters in class are preparing for the final lesson, colorful flowers, three-dimensional love, fish, butterflies... Each piece of colored paper becomes vivid and vivid in the hands of the handy little sister. As the second of class approached, the atmosphere became tense. Suddenly, I raised my voice: "There are four minutes left!" Everyone's nervous and cheerful mood reached the high point. We took a deep breath, trimmed our hair and dressed. Under the guidance of Mr. Liu, we went straight to the second grade classroom with two boxes of props.

The classroom was silent. The children were already sitting at their desks, expecting a lively handicraft lesson from the new teacher. Listen to the school teacher said, in addition to preschool classes, other grades because of the problem of teachers and staff, for a long time no manual lessons have been opened, I heard that we are coming, children are counting their fingers every day looking forward to the arrival of this day. After a brief introduction, we begin this course.

Folding steps of volunteer teachers'demonstrations

Fold out each work with heart

Teacher's Special Award

For the first time, I couldn't stop my excitement.

For the first time, Prepare lessons carefully before class starts.

The excitement of standing on the platform for the first time,It's interesting to hear a student shouting loudly "Teacher, we also want to have origami class!" when we were ready to return from lunch.

We can't bear to disappoint our children's enthusiasm.

Finally, the provisional decision, also for the third and fourth grade of the school children on a relaxed and pleasant handicraft class, hoping to enable all children to experience the fun of hands-on.

The Hualong force in 2019 will assume more social responsibility. Every month, it will organize volunteer activities for employees of the company, so that more children can receive more and more colorful education. We hope that more like-minded people will join us and contribute our strength to the society, not to lose the spring, not to lose the time!

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