A trip to Hualong will help us learn from reality, build our dreams in our heart


"We hope that those who will change the world in the future will be able to be full of sunshine, to accept the same teaching environment as everyone, and to get better education from an early age."
—— Wu Xunlian, General Manager of Hualong Resin

On the morning of November 13, a group of Mao micro-strips, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Youth League of Pinggui District, together with Wu Xunlian, general manager of Hualong Resin, went to Jinzhu Primary School, Shatian Town, Pinggui District, to carry out volunteer activities for youth to help out poverty alleviation and attack hardships.

Starting from Hezhou, because we are all going to Jinzhu Primary School for the first time, according to our original idea, it should be a slightly biased rural primary school, but the result is greatly beyond our expectation.

After driving out of the last town along the road, we began to enter the ring road. We went there in the morning. The mountain was full of fog and only one car could pass through the road. On the right side, there were foggy cliffs. There were no guardrails and other protective measures on the roadside. We had to drive along this road in the spirit of 12 minutes. After about two hours, we finally arrived at us. The destination of this trip is Jinzhu Primary School.

Jinzhu Primary School is located in a valley, the size of palm. As soon as I entered the school gate, I saw dozens of children playing and laughing in the narrow playground in front of the teaching building. Seeing us come in, the children one by one warmly called "sister good, brother good", a face of innocence and loveliness, we listen to the heart is also happy! Enthusiastic children also tied bright red scarves for us, feeling that they have returned to the lovely campus, happy to be a pupil.

First of all, Mao Weiwei, Deputy Secretary of the Tuanping Gui District Committee, delivered a speech, introducing the origin and process of the event. Then Pan Nairong, a legal aid lawyer, explained the knowledge of juvenile delinquency prevention for children. The lecture was conducted in a question-and-answer manner. The children's witty and interesting answers drew a burst of laughter on the spot. The atmosphere of the lecture was relaxed and pleasant. In order to popularize the knowledge of oral care and health, the activity also carefully prepared a small knowledge classroom, invited the hospital expert Xu Ying to introduce oral care knowledge to children, and launched a donation campaign of "a small toothbrush and a reading room".

As volunteers, Hualong's small partners actively participated in the work, distributing small gifts and oral care leaflets to children. I'm very busy.

When the children received small toothbrushes and cups, they happily showed rows of white teeth, and their smiles were extremely brilliant.

"Aid the poor first, help the poor wisdom." In order to vigorously support the education in poor mountainous areas, Hualong actively devoted herself to the compulsory education. Wu Xunjian, general manager of the company, and Deng Jiwang, principal of Jinzhu signed the agreement of school-enterprise co-construction in 2019, arranged a monthly teaching support course, organized staff to actively participate in compulsory teaching, teaching activities, and gave children music, art and art classes. Computer class... To alleviate the problem of quality education teachers facing schools.

Under the guidance of the school teachers, we also visited the dormitories and canteens of teachers and students. Because of the difficult conditions, the teachers temporarily live in temporary tents and live on the ground. At present, 90 pupils are boarding in school. The daily meal fee is only 4 yuan. Each meal can only be accompanied by a small amount of vegetable and meat powder. The meal standard is seriously below the standard. Seeing such a situation, we have an unspeakable taste in our hearts.

On the day of this activity, the Youth League District Committee organized a caring enterprise to donate solar water heaters, wooden beds and tables to the school, which solved the problems of children's difficult bathing in winter and teachers'poor dormitories. In the follow-up, it will appeal to the caring enterprises and people in the society to actively donate funds for the improvement of the school's food standards. Hualong will also actively respond to the call and make a modest contribution to education in poor areas.

As the campaign draws to a close, we will also leave these simple and kind children for the time being. Although they are in such a difficult environment, they reveal an optimistic and upward mentality, which is worthy of our careful study and reflection. I hope the children can continue to move forward optimistically in the future, study hard and make progress every day. Our Hualong Enterprise will continue to help these children improve their living conditions and education conditions, so that these children can get the same starting point as everyone else. These lovely children are the same force that can change the world in the future.

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