Legal Policy Statement

Legal Policy Statement

Prompt clause

1. Disclaimer

1.1 Articles or resources reproduced on this site are not original, and the copyright and liability belong to the original author.

1.2 The copyright and responsibility of original articles or resources posted by users of this site belong to the submitter, unless otherwise stated.

1.3 Articles or resources written by the editors of Hualong Group ( are clearly marked in the article, and the responsible editor is responsible for the authenticity and originality of the article. When reprinting, you only need to indicate the source and the original author. However, Hualong Group ( does not bear any responsibility for the problems caused by the unauthorized modification of the original text.

1.4 The copyrights of trademarks, patents and other copyright information appearing in the report belong to their legal holders.

1.5 Hualong ( complies with DMCA notices and deletes links to infringing content. For infringement information that can provide sufficient evidence, Hualong Resin will delete it within 24 hours after confirmation.

1.6 Hualong Group ( is subject to the legal jurisdiction of the location of its server node.


2.1 Netizens' comments are only for expressing their personal opinions, and do not indicate that confirms, falsifies, supports or opposes the information in the comments.

2.2 The commenter is also governed by the laws of its own location and the location of the server of Please be careful not to post information that violates the law of the location of the commenter or the location of the server of this site, otherwise the information may be deleted. This site may use technical means to restrict your access, and may also disclose your information in accordance with the law according to the reasons in the "About Your Privacy" section below. Please take the above warning seriously.

2.3 Posting a comment means that you authorize Hualong Group ( to use the information you posted and make derivative products. Specifically, for the content that you choose and post in any publicly available area of this service, you agree that has free, forever, irrevocable, and non-exclusive content worldwide. And the right and permission of full sublicense to use, copy, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works based on it, disseminate, perform and display such content (in whole or in part), and/or compile such content Into any other form of work, media, or technology, whether currently known or developed in the future.

2.4 may change or suspend a certain service in operation without prior notice to you, and will not be liable or liable for the accidental loss of information during the transmission process.

2.5 Please abide by public morals when commenting, and refrain from regional attacks and personal attacks. Please abide by the principles of rationality, tolerance, and empathy.

3. User privacy

3.1 All the information actively collected by Hualong Holdings ( is not related to your personal identity. This information is used to improve our services and make statistics on the overall information of the advertiser's website.

3.2 Some third-party services used by Hualong Group ( may collect your information. Please refer to their respective privacy statements.

3.3 Hualong Group ( may disclose content in accordance with legal requirements, in order to (a) comply with legal procedures; (b) enforce terms of service; (c) in order to respond to claims caused by the infringement of third party rights by the posted content ; Or (d) In order to protect the rights, property, or safety of Hualong Group ( and its users and the public; (e) Hualong Group ( and its designated persons will have the right to move Remove any user who violates the laws, regulations, terms of this page where the server is located, or other content deemed unacceptable by

3.4  Hualong Group ( may revise or interpret the terms and conditions of this page in the future as appropriate.

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