Hualong participates in the International Composite Materials Exhibition 2019


At the 25th China International Composite Material Industrial Technology Expo in 2019, a new friend came to him. His young face was full of vigor. He extended his friendly hands to every visitor who came to him and said, "Hello, welcome to the small resin, the big world, Guangxi Hualong resin exhibition hall."


(Where do you come from?)


(From Guangxi, from Fujian)


(What are your main products?)


(We are a supplier of environmentally friendly resins in many fields.)

During the two and a half days of the exhibition, Hualong received a large number of visitors from all over the world. This year is the first time that Hualong participated in the exhibition, announcing "Hualong is coming" to the international resin industry for the first time. Hualong appeared at the exhibition in the form of a meeting gift, telling you that the arrival of Hualong is a gift to the international resin industry, injecting a fresh blood into the international resin industry, and the appearance of Hualong has been received. The guests were warmly welcomed.

From building materials resins, moulding resins, transportation resins, wind power resins, rubber coat resins, vinyl resins, young Hualong is full of strength, from more than 20 years of operation in the oil field to resin field, Hualong exhibition to exhibitors around the world to show their depth. Connotation and culture. Research and development of high-quality environmental protection resin has been the most important development goal of Hualong. Hualong hopes that in the future, resin can be used in more fields and bring more convenience to people's lives.

"Small Resin, Big World" for Hualong, this exhibition is more to make its voice in the industry, let more people understand Hualong, pay attention to Hualong, Hualong concept has been recognized by guests around the world, hope to have more in-depth cooperation with Hualong, to explore the development of the resin industry, and with Hualong. Hualong jointly promotes the development of resin industry to a new world, a new future and a new field, bringing new hope to the world!

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